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Isn’t Touch Football the same is Rugby?

Touch Football is a variant of Rugby League, where the tackle is replaced by a touch. It is one of Australia’s leading social sports and is a game that everyone can enjoy where age and skill level is not a limitation.

What is Switch?

"Switch – Strengthening Women in Touch Football" is an entry point for women who are interested in playing Touch Football or simply looking to switch up their routine (see what we did there!). The program is designed to help build confidence on and off the field. You will sweat and you might find it challenging but we can guarantee that you will have fun and meet some fantastic people.

Who is Switch for?

Switch is a female only program that is suited for all abilities, ages and experience. Switch is a flexible program that fits the needs of the participant. Each session is focused on having fun, socialising and learning something new

Why is Switch Important?

Sport and shared physical activities help improve people’s health and wellbeing, and foster a strong sense of community belonging and pride.

This program supports people who are less likely to take part in regular sport and physical activity. It will help build resilient, cohesive and harmonious communities.

When does the program start?

Start dates are typically dependent on individual clubs with most programs running for 6 weeks before another one begins.

Where can I participate?

We operate within a number of Touch Football clubs across Victoria, to find your nearest host venue click “Locations” for a full list of current locations.

How much does it cost?

We operate a cashless system. Each location offers different deals and prices. On average each 6 week program is valued at $39 and is payable at the time of registration.  

Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself and anything else you may need for physical activity (water, towel etc…)

My club would like to start running Switch– how do we get involved?

Please contact for more information.

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