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Switch is an introductory Touch Football program designed specifically for women to discover the fun and social benefits of touch football. Over 6 weeks participants build on their basic skills and fitness, giving them the confidence to easily transition into playing in social competitions across Victoria.  Participants can be new to the sport or experienced players, everyone is welcome to participate and feel the holistic benefits of the program

Switch is specifically advertised as an adaptable program for any skill and/or fitness level. This means that deliverers are required to observe and listen to  their participants and discuss what each participant would like to get out of Switch. The remainder of the program should be tailored to meet the needs of participants whilst still ensuring a skill focus, fun and social experience. 

The Deliverer 

  • Ideally the deliverer assigned to run a Switch Program will be from the host club in some capacity. This brings a sense of familiarity and acceptance to the program, which can help break down barriers for participation. If a Deliverer cannot be identified at a club, Touch Football Victoria will assist with appointing a deliverer to the program.

  • The main traits of a deliverer include, but are not limited to: organised, punctual, a good communicator, a good sense of humour, flexible and enthusiastic. We would recommend moving away from a “traditional coach” as the environment that should be created is fun and social, with less focus on skill development and technical play.

  • Deliverers will be required to participate in either a Deliverer’s course or one on one training depending on the launch of the program at your club. Therefore they do require approval by the Switch Project Manager prior to the program taking place.

  • The Deliverer will receive a manual which provides information about program delivery, activities to use and other important information.

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